Krewe du Vieux Parade

Krewe du Vieux is an R-rated parade that might not be appropriate for young children. It might be an NC-17 parade since it’s barely appropriate for adults. This explicitly sexual and political-themed parade is nothing short of entertaining.

We watched the Krewe du Vieux in the Marigny neighborhood. The parade consists of 17 “sub-krewes,” each of which presents their own interpretations of the theme. Some of the more colorfully named sub-krewes include the Krewe of C.R.U.D.E., Krewe of Underwear, Seeds of Decline, Krewe of K.A.O.S. and Krewe of L.E.W.D.  And lewd indeed.

A lot of families with younger children attending the parade had some explaining to do later that evening. Some floats revolved around erections, had massive penis themed floats and much commentary on Donald Trump including a float with him in a compromising position….also involving a penis. Other floats had a quirky take on larger issues such as global warming and at the end of the parade, people rode around to collect all of the beer cans in an effort to recycle as part of the event.

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