Tel Aviv

We started our journey in Israel in Tel Aviv. The trip started with a little bit of adventure as we flew from JFK airport. Going to Israel requires a lot more security checks than other international destinations. We had to go thru three different full checkpoints with X-ray right up until we boarded the plane. Extra security really doesn’t bother me in these situations because I am happy the airlines are ensuring safety measures are in place. If you plan to visit you should make sure to allow enough time for security at the airport.

Tel Aviv was a beautiful city located along the Mediterranean coast line with wonderful restaurants and beautiful beaches. We only spent one day in the city before starting our travels across the country but we could have easily spent several days exploring the city. Tel Aviv is considered a world city and has a famous nightlife scene.

We started our day in Tel Aviv with a sunrise shoot from the roof of our hotel and ended with a sunset shoot with views of the city and beaches. We toured the city by bus and visited an Immanuel Christian Church in Tel Aviv, the downtown Tel Aviv market, and the city of Jaffa with a stop at Mahmoudiya Mosque.

After the all-day tour we decided to checkout Habasta, a restaurant recommended by a writer who had recently made the trip to the city. It was an amazing meal to finish our tour of the city.

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