This week I will focus the blog posts on my recent trip from the fall to Myanmar. Myanmar is a truly magical place for photography with beautiful, friendly people and ancient Buddhist temples around every corner. Since the country’s military dictatorship ended in 2011, tourism has greatly picked up. There are still areas of the country that are off limits to tourism but the central region is wide open and inviting for those who make the long journey.

After cutting it too close with my visa approval, we traveled over 30 hours from Cincinnati to Yangon. My visa arrived the day before departure after paying a large expedite fee. Make sure to plan ahead and apply for your visa at least one month before departure.

One of my favorite experiences was photographing the tiny monks. Boys can be monks for any amount of time from one day to their whole life. Many children join while they are on school vacation. We visited Gukyaung monastery in Bagan and were able to photograph monks attending classes taught by student teacher volunteers from Sweden.

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